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If you are looking for an EMR that uses your existing forms, workflows, and terminology that helps you document more accurately with minimal training, we can put you in touch with our partners to get you the solution you are looking for. Contact us with your requirements.

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We can provide customized Meaningful Use 2014 Edition Certified components that can seamlessly integrate with your EMR. Contact us for more information. 

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Medical Practice Insider: Dr. Joel Koenig's 'do it yourself' approach to EMR implementation

Medical Practice Insider: Providers can enhance usability and practice value with highly configurable EMRs 

NACCR 2013: BuildYourEMR team demonstrated Direct connectivity between their flagship EMR and the MO Cancer Registry at the NAACCR conference June 10-13.

BuildYourEMR was willing to work with us at the Central Registry and the Physician to build the record the way he (physician) wanted it and let the physician control it and push the button. The advantage to the physician is: It is super simple. The advantage to us is: We only deal with one record per patient per primary. This has been really exciting to do a LIVE demonstration using cancer data and to bring it in through Direct transport mechanism.
— Dr. Jeannette Jackson-Thompson, Director of MCR-ARC

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In this year of EMR switch, how can you diagnose the symptoms that require an EMR change?  After you determine that you do need an EMR change, what factors should you look into to make sure that you pick the EMR that is best for you this time around?

Starting October 1, 2014 physicians throw the switch and start submitting ICD-10 format billing codes to payers to get reimbursed.  Popular hype around ICD-10 is to raise fear around the increase in the number of codes. Let us show you with help of a simple Phone-book analogy why there is nothing much to fear ICD-10 if you are equipped with understanding and a plan. 

Learn how to leverage General Equivalence Mappings (GEMs) provided by CMS to transition from ICD-9 to ICD-10. Understand how you can navigate the Dual Coding phase with ease and keep your cheat-sheets. 

A free EMR can turn to be fairly expensive. Learn how important it is to look at the Workflow match, Template flexibility, robust Document Management and Litigation risks before signing up for a seemingly Free EMR. 

If healthcare evolved by following the beaten path, we would still be using bourbon and leather straps for anesthesia.  The goal of Meaningful Use is to spark innovation.  If the legacy vendors were innovative, the industry could have made these changes without intervention.  I'll leave it up to you to decide why they were not. 

After January 1, 2014, all “Certified EHRs” will need to support the Direct Project.  Though Direct is not a separate criteria for certification,16 Meaningful Use objectives depend on the Direct Project. Learn how you can get Direct easily by utilizing best-of-breed technologies. 

Are you looking for a Customized EMR and are confused by different options? Learn about the top 10 points to consider and the right questions to ask when it comes to customizing an EMR for your practice.